Silent Power

On stage or in the recording studios, we often saw the need for a completely noiseless, easy to setup and powerful power supply for guitar and bass players’ pedals. Because we could not find a satisfactory and also affordable solution to this problem, we decided to design and manufacture our own state-of-the-art pedalboard power supply. We named it Silent Power.


The vast majority of guitar players say that their pedals sound best when powered by an internal 9V battery. Unlike power supplies, batteries deliver ripple-free current, which translates into an absence of unwanted sound distortions and artifacts. However, 9V batteries have a short life and often die unexpectedly, their voltage sags as they empty and are a pain to replace.

Silent Power uses internal Li-Ion batteries and uses passive electronic circuitry to precisely regulate the output voltage, regardless of the batteries’ charge level. This is why Silent Power offers the same sound quality as 9V batteries do, but at the same time eliminates the problems associated with them.


Silent Power makes it fast and easy to set up your gear on stage. Forget about AC power cables and sockets cluttering the stage around your pedalboard. Just plug in the guitar cable, switch on Silent Power and you are ready to perform.

The back-lit LCD display shows the remaining battery level, so you know when it’s time to recharge. By the way, Silent Power can still be used while recharging, although in this case the charging will take longer.


Despite the fact that a lot of pedals today need hundreds of milliamps of power, too many power supply manufacturers still have mostly 100mA outputs on their products. Silent Power can supply up to 250-500mA from each output, so there is ample power available for any pedal you might have.

We also took into consideration this increased power consumption when choosing the internal Li-Ion batteries, so that you can play for hours before needing to recharge. Visit our Battery Life Calculator to find out exactly how many hours.